Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunny South?????

So, it may be the south, but this week hasn't been so sunny. If you have been following Jodi's blog, you already know this. I think I could probably count the hours since Sunday night sometime (I really don't know when I was asleep, I think) through Thursday at about 2:30 when water wasn't falling from the sky on one hand.

Marshall, the official recorder for rain accumulation, reported over five inches of rain. I know that isn't the biggest amount of rain ever recorded for a day span, but you really have to take into consideration that the average rain accumulation for the month of February is bordering on nothing (Marshall said less than a half inch, but I don't think we got a drop in February last year). It was just plain weird to get that much rain in February. Now we have farmers trying to pump water out of the fields and the river appears to have almost gone over its banks. On top of the rain, it has been COLD. Marshall recorded 41 this morning. REALLY COLD when you don't have a heater. It makes me anxious for the hot May and June days to come when I will be wishing for just an hour of this kind of cold weather. NOT that I am complaining. I am surviving just fine and am just thankful that God has brought me here in life, thankful to be a part of the church here in Ixtlan. If I have to be a little cold for a week, so be it.

We did go to the geyser on Monday. It was a nice opportunity to get out and do something different. We even had a couple of hours (probably the only hours since then when it wasn't raining) to play some volleyball, but then it started raining a lot. (See below) We had fresh made tortillas and some good Mexican food. That is always a plus. I made the guacamole. Everyone graciously ate it, even if I didn't put enough chiles in it. Oh, well. Check out some of the action.

Claudia and Elsa preparing the masa for tortillas.

Rudy and Maria trying to get the fire going. It's hard when everything is just a tad bit damp.

Rudy and I enjoying a little bit of guisado. Yum, yum.

And then the rain came...and kept coming...and kept coming.

The group. Charming, aren't we.

Thanks for your prayers that have been offered. Keep them coming. The community here in Ixtlan and the country of Mexico needs your prayers. Mexico is waiting for a return to the truth of Jesus Christ and prayer is the most powerful tool we have to partner with God to help that change come about. Beg to the Father for the souls and hearts of the Mexican people.