Monday, April 26, 2010

So much for that New Year's Resolution

Yeah, every week didn't happen at all.  So you will get a big update at once here and I'll see what kinds of pictures I can find.

Grant and company:

Grant Hermann came to visit with his brother Greg and his Grandpa Marvin Leman.  They spent about a week here and helped with several different things.  Grant has spent two summers here helping out, and came to visit over his spring break.  It was nice to have the visitors around and someone else to drive.  Thanks, Grant, for all the driving you did while here.  We like to take advantage of those who know the routes when they visit.

Jeff and Barra: 

Jeff came down at the end of March and we went and spent a week in Barra Vieja.  It was a great time to enjoy some hot weather, the ocean, and the church members there in Barra.  It's hard to explain everything that goes on there in Barra.  We did studies several of the afternoons we were there and we also spent time with other people in the community that we, or other people, have met.  The weather was beautiful and we even saw some pretty interesting animals around the house this time.  Julie Beer and Elise Maller were able to spend a couple of days in Ixltan as well right when we got back.  It was great to catch up with them and have them be able to see where I live. 
Here is a frog that was camping out in the yard.  It was about the size of my hand.
This big old lizard came around the first day but then never came back.  I think it didn't like Jeff sticking the broom in its face. 
Here are a bunch of fish that Esteban caught when he took us fishing.  Jeff and I weren't so lucky.  We aren't yet experts in using a net to fish. 
Here is a picture of Marco gettting Coconuts down from the tree.  He has a really sharp knife attached to the end of that pole.  They fall really hard too.  You have to watch out.

Loren's Eye Clinic:

Loren Shrenk came down from the 10th to the 11th of April for an eye clinic.  He did 14 operations this time.  Since Loren and Betsy come down more often with Julie Heorr, it is a lot of fun to spend time with them again and to see them.  I always enjoy a bunch of good food and time to sit around and talke while they are around.  Praise God that the eye clinic went well.  Pray that all the glory goes to God and Him alone.  Pray also that those hearts would be softened to the gospel.


Yeah, we had a wedding in Ixtlan.  Jonathan Aupperle and Berenice Navarro were married this weekend.  It was a great weekend.  Mike and Deb Leman arrived on Wednesday, so I was able to spend some time with them before the Magdalena crew arrived.  All the Secondaria kids, middle school kids, came down for the wedding along with several of the teachers, Bill and Joan, and some staff.  Todd Stoller, the three middle school kids, and Ben Shick stayed here at the guest house with me.  We had a blast getting to know each other.  Saturday was full of keeping the kids, all the boys and girls, entertained with breakfast and a trip to the Geyser.  Now everyone has left and peace once again reigns in this house but it is really quiet. 

I have to say.  It is sad that I don't have more pictures, especially from this weekend, maybe I can get someone to send me some to post later. 

Keep praying.  We need the prayers and appreciate them so much.  I think visitor season is officially ending now.  It will be nice to get back into my routine, but it will be very quiet.  Pray for us as we get back to normal.  Pray that new opportunities would open up here, and that we would be able to serve and glorify God effectively here.