Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, today is day 11 without water. I officially ran out of 'tinaco' water today, so I am relying on buckets. This makes for a very interesting and different lifestyle. I am very spoiled by the 'tinaco' and haven't had to live out of a bucket before, but I think this will be a good experience.

Here is the the funny part. Yesterday they fixed the pump. Today rumor has it that the pump is pulled back out. They are apparently still working on it, so we're now going for the record. Marshall says the longest they have ever been without water is 18 days. That is a week from today.

To make things more interesting, Bryan Stoller is coming tomorrow with a group to do an Eye Clinic here in Ixtlan. That means 9 more people are moving into the house and we will all be living out of buckets. Things will be very interesting.

1. Pray for the Eye Clinic and the work that will be done during the week that Bryan and group are here. We will be working on Saturday (21st) and Monday - Wednesday (23-25). Pray for the people who come for glasses, pray that they will be touched by the spirit in some way while they are here.

2. Pray for each of us here in Ixtlan, that we would take advantage of the next week to get to know more people and to challenge ourselves to reach out to them during this week when we have so many people coming to us.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Water, water (not) everywhere...

Not only has everyone given up hope that I will ever post again on this blog, but I have also failed in my resolution to include a picture of all the visitors that pass through Ixtlan. Sorry to Loren and Besty Shrenck, Julie Haerr, and Mike and Sharice Reinhard. Also, my deep apologies to Mike and Deb Leman.

Loren and group were here for an eye clinic. Loren does examinations on Monday and then does surgeries on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I believe he did 13 surgeries this time. I am not sure exactly. He does a great job and has helped a lot of people over the past 6 or 7 years.

It was nice to have people in the house for the week and to get to know them better. They were the last visitors for the month of Febuary. They left the 28th. I am always guaranteed some great treats when they are here (they made some tasty strawberry jam this time which I am enjoying a lot).

I had a couple of days off to regroup and to get used to being alone again and then Mike and Deb came from Denver. Mike is our elder, so we were able to take advantage of the time have Communion. We appreciate his willingness to share with us here in Ixtlan as well as Barra Vieja, Morelia, and Magdalena. Pray for him and his work here in Mexico. It is demanding but so rewarding.

In other news. We have been without water from the city since Monday. That means this is day six without having my little black water holder on top of the roof filled by the city.

I am having company this weekend, so I just decided to climb up and see how much what I have. (Climbing up to the roof is a little more difficult than one may think. Of course, on could get a ladder, but that would take too much work, so I have to literally pull myself up onto the roof.) Anyway, I was pleased, and I am sure Jan will be as well, to find that I have about half a tank left. That should get me to next Friday, but I certainly hope we have water again by then. Here are some pictures from my trip to the roof.

Here is the 'tinaco' as it is called here in Mexico, otherwise know as the 'little black water holder' on top of the roof. Turns about to be about as high as my chin, so 'little' might not be the right word here.

Here is a picture of the inside. You can see all the nice clear water, just waiting to be used up, just not too quickly.

So, hopefully the water comes back soon. Until then we practice a life of conservation. It is probably good practice for me. You would be surprised how little water you actually need for dishes, bathing, brushing your teeth. A little can go a long way. And no, this isn't the water we drink, otherwise there would be some bigger problems.

Enjoy the abundant water up there.

1. Pray for our perseverence here. Pray that we don't let Satan get us down. Pray that we keep our eyes on the cross and that we don't loss track of the reason we are here. Pray for strong purpose in our work and in our lives.

2. Pray for wisdom in seeing how God is working in the the community here in Ixtlan. Pray that we would wouldn't fight against God's work, but be willing to go where he is leading us.