Thursday, March 4, 2010

Visitor season begins...

Thank you to Angie for being true to her word when she said she would keep me accountable for posting.

I keep meaning to write something, enough stuff has happened, but when it comes time to sit down to do it, I think of something else to do...hmm. So here I sit being properly held to my word and needing to blog.

So in the month of Febuary we recieved over 6 inches of rain, a complete mystery to Mexico as it isn't supposed to rain until the end of May, maybe. It was the middle of June last year. Anyway, it stopped raining in time for Jodi and I to climb a mountain two weeks ago. We had a great time as I found out how out of shape I am. It was great to get away and have some brother/sister time on the trail. Takes me back to those Colorado day hikes we used to take. Anyway, here is a picture that Jodi and I took at the top. If it looks familiar, it is because I took it from her blog. Thanks, Jodi.

So, the Saturday that Jodi and I climbed the mountain, a group of guys came for a visit. Evan Schmidgall, Jaylin Taibel, and Colin Knapp spent about a week here and on Monday we climbed the same mountain, La Mula, again. I found that I was in much better shape and the climb went much better. It was great to have some time with a group of brothers since we don't get groups like that very often down here.

Here is another picture of us, triumphant at the top of the mountain.

It was a fast week full of good fellowship and lots of tacos.

The school year is passing fast, but it is exciting to see how far we have come in what seems like so few months. The kids are now reading and adding and behaving so much better. They have grow so much in these months. They love being together even come to play together when the parents have to come for meetings. It is exciting to see all that growth. The other day at recess they were running around singing "He decidido seguir a Cristo" (I have decided to follow Jesus) and it made me smile. I can't wait to see them after 6 years. They all have so much potential for growth and understanding. Keep praying for the kids. Litz, Landon, Leslie Daniela, Milagros, Jose Carlos, Mauricio, Juan Diego, and Armando. Keep praying for the families. Pray that they will be touched by the truth of who Jesus is and what He did for us. Pray for the teachers and staff. Pray that we will always show the love of God and Christ in our actions and teaching.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6