Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Visitors

I first have to apologize for making everyone wait a month for the next post. I would say that we have been super busy and didn't get time to do with all the visitors, but that wouldn't be truthful. I just haven't posted. So, I will try to fill you all in on what has been going on. It may take a couple of posts, but we'll get it done.

Mom and Dad Beer visit. At the end of February, Mom and Dad came down for a long weekend. It was really nice to have them around and we really enjoyed the weekend. They came in on Thursday and we stopped for burritos on the way home, which made Mom's night, I think. Friday morning we went to the market in Zamora. It is much bigger than the one here in Ixtlan and gives you a much better cultural experience. We didn't buy much besides candy, but you can pretty much find it all there. Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, clothes, souvenirs, kitchen utensils, sombreros, you name it and there is a pretty good chance you can find it (yep, even pig heads). Friday evening and Saturday morning I had Mom and Dad practice with some of my students. It is always good for them to hear a different voice and put some of what they are learning into practice. The rest of the time that they were here was pretty normal. We took them back to the airport on Tuesday morning and still made it home in time for class.
Here they are. This is Rosa with Mom, Bev, Dad, and Rosa and Alejandro's little boy Isai (translated - Jesse).

So, that finished up the weekend with Mom and Dad Beer. We then began to look forward to the next group of visitors which arrived on the next Saturday. More about them in the next post. For right now, we just ask for prayers in the next week as we will be having an eye clinic here. It will make for a busy week and we want to be able to serve the people here with the love of Christ and let His work shine forth in our lives. Pray for His presence during the week and that hearts would be touched by His love. We will probably hand out somewhere around 200 pairs of glasses. We will see what the week brings. The clinic will begin on Wednesday and go through Thursday.