Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So, what's the story?

There are lots of people out there wanting to meet Bev, but seeing as we are almost 2000 miles apart, you will all have to be satisfied with the picture until a later date.

Simply writing a blog post will never tell the entire story of Bev and I (and seeing how this post is really all about the picture, you will get this small summary, which I do realize is about the same as what you got last time).  Quite frankly, I'm not even going to try.  But I know there are people out there who are curious about how God brought the two of us together. 

Basically, I will start by saying that it is really interesting to see now how God has brought the two of us together.  He has melded our interests and our passions.  He has workedn in our lives and in our hearts to increase our faith and our trust in Him and His provision.  That part of the story entails all of our lives.  It hasn't been only a matter of a few moments.  But the story goes back two years to when Bev and I met the first time.  She and her sister, Anita, came down to Mexico to visit her aunt and uncle (Marshall and Jan Heinold) who I work with.  She was just preparing to begin her first year teaching Spanish.  In the next two years, Bev came back to visit Marshall and Jan twice more.  During that time I was able to get to know her more and to see her depth of character and faith which helped me to trust that God would bless our marriage and that he will lead us in His service as the years pass.  The rest is, as they say, history.

The future holds a lot of unknowns.  But we do know that the wedding will be October 24th in Junction Ohio.  We will be living in Ixtlan, but I don't know where yet.  The house hunting is beginning.  We still need your prayers as there is so much going on right now.  However, I am thankful for a great (short) weekend up in Indiana/Ohio when we could see a lot of family, but, moreso, have some time together.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So, even though it's been several weeks and much has happened, I will skip to the big news. 


Yep, it is true and chances are you have already heard.  I am engaged to Bev Schlatter.  God is good and has worked mightily and lovingly in our lives to bring us here to this point.  I first met Bev in Mexico two years ago and God has used those two years to help us grow and to bring us to this point where we, trusting in His leading, can joyfully move forward. 

I'm sorry to say that I cannot offer you a picture now as I am here (Mexico) and she is there (Ohio), but I will post one soon for all those who are waiting to see who she is.  I will also try to post a little more later, but better yet, I will be home on Thursday.  So, I will be able to see some of you over the short weekend.

We appreciate your prayers in the next months as there will be a lot of changes and difficulties, but with God we have abundant grace and we rest in that.  Thanks you all so much!!!