Monday, June 7, 2010


To all who are faithful in checking this blog and to all who gave up weeks or even months ago.  My apologies.  Turns out that I am really not very good with keeping up the blog.

Here is an update for the last month or month and a half:

April ended with a bang.  The eye clinic and the wedding.  There was lots going on and everyone was busy.  Since then things have slowed down considerably.  May was the month of finishing up my afternoon and evening English classes and catching up on all the other stuff going on right now.  So, now it's June and I have about a month before I come home to visit.  I know the real reason that everyone checks this site is the random chance that there will be a picture.  So here you go.

First: This was a first for me. A mango/avacado sandwich with cilantro.  Sounds strange and possible disgusting, but actually quite tasty.

Here are some pictures from the school...

Here are the kids messing around taking a picture.  It's really neat to see how they have connected throughout the year and get along so well now.
Jose Carlos with Armando and Mauricio in the background on Dia del Nino.  Jose Carlos and Mauricio are brothers and their family rents out these trampolines, so they were lucky enough to get this one for the celebrations.
Leslie and Litzy with Milagros in the background.  The three girls.  Also on Dia del Nino.  Matt had the bright idea to involve water balloons on this day.  The purpose was to toss them back and forth with towels, but I think most of them ended being thrown at me.  hmmmm. 

The school year ends on July 9th, but I am coming home on the 2nd of July.  Ben Stoller will be spending some time here this summer and I am going to talk him into being my substitute for the las week.  He doesn't know that yet though.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone then and getting a lot of work done between now and then.

Keep praying for the church here in Ixtlan as well as Barra Vieja, Morelia, and Queretaro.  Also, keep praying for the school.  We already have 10 students enrolled for next year's first grade class and expect to fill up to the 15 student limit by the time school starts in August.  Hopefully our second grade (this years class) class will fill up too. Next year we will have both first and second grade and will continue to add a grade each year. 

Anyway.  I'll be in touch later.