Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nothing short of a miracle

Prayer is an interesting thing. It can sometimes feel so weak, and we doubt its power being result oriented people that we are. I so often pray knowing that I should and knowing that we are told to prayer to communicate with our Father, but I often find it difficult to get past the easier said than done part of prayer. It's easier to talk about its power than to truly believe it, but sometimes God gives us little boosts anyway.

Estela called this morning to give an update on Victor. Victor returned to his house last night. They had done more studies in Guadalajara and couldn't find anything wrong. Victor told Estela already that he has no pain.

As Estela was telling this, I had to think back on all that I had witnessed in Victor last Thursday. He was bleeding from the ears and vomiting blood. An MRI done in La Barca, the first hospital he was at, showed a cranial fracture and fractured vertabraes. My tendancy is to try to write this off as doctor error or something similar, but I know that this is God's work and I can only praise and thank Him for that.

Victor is a miracle. I don't know all the details and maybe I never will, but maybe it should be that way. Thank you for praying and for your passion and compassion on Victor, a boy from Mexico that you don't even know.

I will ask this. Keep praying for Victor and his family. (Father-Jesus, Mother-Monica, Sister-Marisol, Brothers-Alex and Brian). Victor may be healed, but there is still a spiritual battle being waged. Pray that God gets all the glory and not some saint to which they might have prayed. Pray that the power of God would be manifested above all else and that the deafness and muteness of the Catholic saints would be clearly seen through this. Pray for the salvation of Victor's entire family and that they could be a testimony of God's transforming power to their community. The easy part is over, now begins the real battle for their souls.


And thank you all so much!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I don't have any specifics, but the report is that Victor continues to improve little by little and has gone through the critical 72 hours, so our hope is that he will continue to heal. Praise God for His provision and continue to pray for both Victor and his family. They still have a very long way to go. Thanks from all of us here in Ixtlan!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Updates on Victor

After talking with Estela tonight, I have a few more specific details.

First, Victor has a fractured skull as well as several fractured vertabrae. This is apparently what is causing the other issues that he has (bleeding and vomiting). What information Estela has recieved from Guadalajara is that Victor is responding well to treatments so far and possibly improving, but still has some bleeding. After 72 hours they will be able to do more studies with better results.

Please continue praying for Victor's continued healing as well as praising God for the healing He has done so far.


Here is a picture of Victor that I found. Thanks for the prayers.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Pray for Victor.

Victor is a 13 year old boy, the great-nephew of Estela, one of the sisters in the Ixtlan church. Today while at school (not ours, because I know that some will wonder), Victor climbed into a tree to get a ball that had gotten stuck and fell out.

While I am not sure of the exact injuries, I know that he has fractured vertabrea and possible a fracture in the skull. He also has some internal injuries in his head that is causing some bleeding. His case is still very delicate, and the doctors are transferring him t Guadalajara, a hospital about 2 hours away.

Pray that Victor would heal completel from this injury and that he could return to a normal life quickly. God is the Great Physician and we can trust His diagnosis and treatment more than any man's.

Pray also that this would make Victor think more about Jesus and what he really wants and needs in his life. Victor has come to some church events like Jovenes on Saturday night and he was pretty regular back when we used to play soccer. Pray that through this time God would start greater, spiritual healing in all of Victor's family.

Thanks for all who pray. Prayer is the one thing we can do no matter where we are at and no matter how helpless we feel. It is the single most powerful force of our world. Please pray for Victor, his family and this whole community of Ixtlan and its surrounding towns.