Sunday, January 23, 2011

Returning the favor

So, we received another 8 Christmas cards since the last post. That was exciting. We also realized that we haven't discovered where we hid at least two others for the trip back to MX. So that bumps the number up to 10 more for a total of 40 cards. Thanks!!!

I also want to put a disclaimer on here. We are not keeping track of who has and hasn't sent us a card, so I don't want anyone feeling bad if they didn't send us a card. We know that you all love us with a card or without. So, don't feel bad (you can always send us one next year :)).

So it is only fair that we 'send' out a Christmas card too, so here you go. You can even print it out and post it on you wall, door, refrigerator, or wherever you post all your Christmas cards. You can make it the wallpaper on your computer or you can just look at it on the blog. I give you complete freedom to do with it whatever you want. We will most likely never ever know what you do. So, no worries.

So, since the last post, not a lot has happened here. I, Regg, am back to teaching. I have my two classes in the elementary (Primaria). They are at 11:50 and 12:40. I also do a recess detention at 10:30 for those who need a little extra encouragement to behave in class. In the evening I have an adult class from 7:30-8:30. There are 6 (maybe 7) people in that class and I generally enjoy that class a lot. I think I am definitely more of a secondary teacher than an Elementary teacher, but I am getting along.

Bev has kept busy with several different things. She is able to fill the day with a number of things. She is a great cook and even lets me help out in the kitchen when I come back from class. She spends a lot of time on the piano/keyboard, especially now that she can record herself (Thanks, Warren, for the tip on Audacity). She is working on her share of 'Thank You's" a lot more diligently than I am working on mine. And I can't forget her love of the word game "Every word". She got a new high score yesterday. Next time I may have to interview her about some of this stuff.

In other news. I was going to put breakfast in the oven a half hour ago but I kinda forgot about it after I lit the oven, so breakfast is going to be a little later than was planned. Oh, well. What are you going to do?

Much love to all! Until next week, adios!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We were home for Christmas...

First of all, formal apologies to all.  We have been home over a week now and haven't updated the blog.  I am sure that half the blog-stalkers who were stalking us have gone by now and won't check the blog again for a couple of months.  Anyway, we are now beginning again with this blogging thing and since my better half thinks I am the better half for blogging, you all get to read my thoughts on this thing (me being Regg for those still curious).

Update on the Christmas Card Count:
First a note on the number.  Apparently I didn't do a very good job getting the address out before I was married because the number of cards received has gone up exponentially.  We are currently at...wait I have to go count them....22!!!  Wow!!! It is great to hear from you all and we send our love right back at you.  We really appreciate the work that you go to figuring out how much extra postage to put on and where to send it and all.  The extra work makes it all extra special.

Now, you may have been wondering where we have been for the past few weeks.  Well if you want a quick answer, which is the one I suggest (and the one that you will get on this blog), we were all over Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. (That is not counting all the states - American and Mexico that we were all over during our flights to and from Mexico.  Oh, I gotta put a shout out to the Dallas Internation Airport in here too.  We spent a lovely seven hours there on our way back to Mexico.)  We had a great time with our families and it was great to see so many others.  Thankfully the weather was never too bad while we were up there and it seems that the weather down here in Ixtlan got just a little better while we were gone. 

We are excitedly looking forward to a lively visiting season this year.  We have several people with plans already made to come and visit, but rather than spoil all the fun now, you will all have to check back later to see who comes and when.  I am sure you are all going to agonize over this for the next few months, but at least you will keep coming back (and commenting).

So anyway, now that we are settled back in and over 'pink eye' or whatever it was, we are hoping that we will be into our house sometime in February now.  Yeah, the date was pushed back so now it will be in February.  So, some of our visitors may be helping us move!!!

To top it all off, I now have proof of why my better half is really my better half.  She just found the 8 Christmas cards that we got today (we don't get the mail every day), so our official Christmas Card Count is now up to 30. 

Much love to all until next time!!!!