Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu and blockmaking

So, because of the Swine Flu here in Mexico, schools have been shut down until at least May 6th. Although we are not an official school, that means us too. No classes at the Colegio de las Americas until next Tuesday. So I have this short little vacation. So instead of teaching, I suddenly have all this free time. So...

I am now a bolqueador, a block maker. Mario and Efrain are starting a a block making business. I mean blocks like construction blocks. So today I went and helped them. I officially made several blocks and threw around a lot of sand and concrete. It was a good time and I enjoyed the time with Mario and Efrain. I think that tomorrow I get to play at being a abanil, an mason (bricklayer). It should be fun.

I'll fill you all in later.


1. Keep praying for those suffering throughout the world because of the swine flu. More pray that God calms the fears of people throughout the world.

2. Pray for continued growth here in the church and in each member and new believer. Pray that each one can grow in the word and in prayer.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Maybe that's why they were called unclean...

So, I don't know what you all have heard of the swine flu up there. Probably more than I have. Apparently I am right in the midst of the excitement. Rumor has it that schools in Mexico are all closing until May sixth. I have my suspicions about this though since they already had this Friday and next Monday off, so it might just be a good excuse to have a couple of more days off.

Actually, it isn't really a laughing matter to a lot of people. The last statistic I read said that there are 140 deaths being blamed on the swine flu in Mexico with thousands of suspected cases. We haven't seen anything around here, but people are starting to put on the masks. As far as I know most of the cases are still centered around Mexico City, but I am sure it will be spreading. It brings good reason for prayer.

1. Pray for the people suffering from the sickness. Flu is never fun, especially, I imagine, when it's connected to something of this proportion. Pray for fast recoveries and God's provision for all the care providers out there.

2. Pray for the families of those who have already lost family members to the sickness. Pray that they would feel God's true comfort and come to know him through the pain and loss.

3. Pray for those who are working to stop this. Pray for the scientists and the many who are working to contain and prevent the further spread of this flu.

We know that the world is fallen and because of that things like this happen. We also know that God is in control. God loves us and He is working his wonders and mercy in the midst of this pain and suffering we have brought on ourselves.

It may sound bad, but we are all doing just fine here and look forward to continuing to serve the community here in Ixtlan.

Also, pray for the school. We are being inspected tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the last step for getting the incorporation for the school. Pray that all goes well and that we can move on with the school for next year.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First, official appologies. Water came back on day 12. That was a long time ago, so if you were still worried about the water. We are doing fine now. (Although it still isn't raining and won't for another couple of months probably.) And while I am at it. Wow. It has been too long since I posted here. A lot has happened. Eye Clinic. Jeff visited. Went to Barra Vieja. Abe came and visited. Classes started up again.

So, first things first. Eyes.

Bryan and Kara Stoller were here with their son Derek for an eye clinic. They brought along their neice, Lynette, as well as Corey and Beth Steffen and three of their kids, Tiffany, Tammy and Ryan. Bryan worked with in the eye clinic all day. The kids helped to give out glasses and did a very good job. There was a lot of help from the church as well since there was a lot to do. Corey did some work in the guest house and Kara and Beth prepared meals for all the help. It was a great week and everything went really well.

Around 250 glasses were given out in the course of 4 days. It was a great opportunity provide for the people in the Ixtlan community. Pray with us that the generosity of Bryan and so many people back in the states that have given glasses would result in people seeing spiritually for the first time here in Ixtlan.

Here are the visitors: (Front: Derek, Lynette, Tammy, Tiffany, Ryan Back: Bryan, Kara, Beth, Corey)

More visitors....

Jeff came on the 30th of March to visit. We left on at about 5:00 in the afternoon on April 2nd for Barra Vieja. There is a small group there of 4 believers that the church has been discipling for some time now. (We are hoping to have some baptisms this summer.) It was about 15 hours by bus to get to Acapulco and then another 45 minutes to get to Barra Vieja. It was great to have a break and to relax a little for a couple of days. It was also great getting to know the believers there and discuss the Easter story with them and the great work of Jesus for us.

Abe Habegger met us in Acapulco and we shared a great week there. For all of you stuck in cold weather. It was VERY warm there, but we survived. Here is a picture looking out at the ocean from the roof of the house that we stayed in.

Here are Jeff and I on the bus on the way back to Ixtlan. Abe really was here, but he didn't leave me any pictures of himself, so I guess you just have to take my word for it.

So we all came back to Ixtlan together and had a nice weekend to finish everything off. Now I am back in the groove of things and ready to tackle the last couple months of classes before summer and a trip home!

1. Pray for God's continued work in the lives of the believers here. Pray especially for the new converts that we have. We had five people start repenting in the past month and a half. Pray for their continued growth and for their sincere desire for a new life with Christ.

2. Pray for God's continued work in the community of Ixtlan. Pray for the many, many people who remain decieved. Pray that they would see the light, that they would be thirsty for the truth and that blind eyes would be opened.