Monday, July 26, 2010

Rain or shine... Escuelita must go on. 

That has been the way of things this year.  Last year Escuelita fell during an abnormal and long dry spell during the summer.  This year, it is falling on one of the wettest times of the year.  So, that has forced us to make some otherwise unwanted sacrifices here.  Namely going door to door handing out invitation in the rain. 

Now understand, I don't mean torrential downpour, but rain none-the-less.  Sunday it rained for an hour during the singing and by about 7:00 was only drizzling, so we went out in the vans to hand out invitations.  Problem was that we came to a street that was closed because it was flooded and we had to go out walking in the rain anyway.  Oh well, it is worth the opportunity to reach out to the kids here.

Today was the first day of Escuelita.  Praise God, it all went very smoothly.  We had just over 250 kids for our first day.  That number usually grows throughout the week.  Thankfully the kids behaved wonderfully today. 

Keep praying for the week.  Pray the we can have dry weather, at least for the hours during Escuelita.  Pray for the teachers.  Pray for the kids.  Pray even for the parents that might be touched by what their kids learn. 
Finally praise God that He has even given us a chance to have Escuelita here in Ixtlan and has allowed us to join with Him in proclaiming His awesome name to the world.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home again

So, after a two and a half week hiatus, I am back in Mexico.  I had a great time with friend and family back in the states and am now gearing up for the next few weeks. 

First on the plate here is VBS, also known as Escuelita.  This is a week-long opportunity for the church to reach out to the kids of our communities and show them God's love.  It will be a challenging week filled with all kinds of activity and work, but it is always worth it.  Pray for the organization that remains.  Between 250 and 300 kids will be here each day.  That means we need to be really prepared for everything.  Secondly, pray for the teachers.  We need lots of patience and wisdom.  It is often very difficult to control and manage the classes.  We know, however, that this is God's work.  Finally, pray for the kids.  It is really all about them.  Pray that their hearts would be soft and ready for God's word to penetrate and that maybe in the course of a week, we can build up relationships with some of them that will bring them back for more throughout the year. 

The theme this year is Joseph.  It is an exciting story the connects drastically to the life of Jesus.  We hope that every day we can point the kids more and more to Jesus and what He has done for us.

The second thing that is happening is the start of adult English classes.  Monday the 2nd of August is the first day of the classes.  It will be here fast with VBS next week.  I have a lot of prep to do yet, but I am hoping that it can start well.  I don't know how many people are going to be showing up.  There are always several who came in the first couple of weeks of class that still want to enter, so who knows how many will actually be in the class.  Hopefully we will have a good class. 

In other news.  My luggage still hasn't arrived.  It was late at the airport, so they were going to deliver it to be yesterday, but it turns out there are two Consistoriales #22 addresses in Ixtlan and they never found me.  So, hopefully it will be here around noon today.  We'll see.