Sunday, January 31, 2010


When you are part of a small church, things like babies make a big difference. Not only are services a little more disrupted, in a good way, but it puts a new hope for the future in the church. Especially when the babies are all boys.

Since August, four boys have been born in the Ixtlan Church.

Esteban is the son of Efrain and Ana. They also have two other children David and Liliana.

Caleb is the son of Matt and Ruth. He is their first child and has been keeping them super busy (and tired).

Andres is the son of Javier and Rosi. He is their second child. Sarahi is his older sister.

Alejandro Isai is the son of Alejandro and Rosa. He is bringing them special joy as they lost their first child in childbirth.

Pray for these boys and all the kids of the church. Pray that they would grow up to be stong leaders of the church and that they would be firmly grounded in the word of God. Pray for the Spirit's work to keep them from the evil of the world and that they can grow like Samuel, "in favor with both the Lord and men."

Also, in other news. Tomorrow is an official holiday. We are going to the geiser for volleyball and to eat. Hopefully I will remember my camera and be able to post some.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back into the grind

I am officially back into the grind. All the English classes are again up and running and things feel a little more normal. I wonder sometimes how I ever get things done. If I'm not busy doing one thing, I'm doing something else. Yet I have decided something. I really need to do a better job posting. I really need to keep you better updated about what is going on here. So, I am going to do better.

Notice: I am going to do better, NOT I am going to try to do better. Two different things. That being said, on to other things.

I will start with an update about the Americans here in Ixtlan.

Marshall and Jan have just completed their 15th year ministering to the people of Ixtlan. They came down all those years ago to a small two bedroom house with kitchen/living room (that doubled as the church) and a porch. Since then the church as grown and matured. They have seen the construction of the church, the guest house and the school. More importantly they have seen the conversion of hearts.

Caleb Alan Gerber just celebrated one month. He is growing and healthy. I say he's a happy boy. His parents might say different. He is keeping Matt and Ruth busy, but they are very happy to be parents. Matt is a minister here in Ixtlan, along with Marshall. Matt is also the Administrator of the school and he teaches the values class every morning in school.

I continue teaching English. I have four classes and it takes some time to prepare and teach each class and also takes a large chunk out of my afternoon since none of my classes start before noon. I also help with church activities and take part in several studies.

The work here in Ixtlan is a thing of perserverence, but it is much more a thing of hope. Mexico is waiting for a revival. The people are searching and soon they will be found. I invite all of you to lift up the people of Mexico in prayer to God, the only One who can find and save His people. Pray that God's Church would shine brightly in the darkness of Mexico. Pray for huge things. Pray that Mexico comes to Christ.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

Saturday, January 9, 2010

There are times in life...

There are times in life when one has to eat his own words. They usually don't taste very good either. There is typically a bitter taste that goes along with them.

I am now in this situation. For all my ridicule of Warsaw Community Schools for their MANY canceled days of school, I now stand ridiculed myself. School was officially cancelled on Thursday and Friday because of, yes I'm really going to say it, the cold.

For what it's worth it didn't hardly get out of the 50's both days and was probably in the lower 40's through the night. While I always enjoy and appreciate days off, there is something almost embarrasing for me, a Hoosier, to accept the fact that school was cancelled for 50 degree weather.

So, you can all pray that we don't get sick down here, we don't have heat and it is cold in the morning. Pray that we can get a good start on the rest of the school year on Monday.

Also, congrats to Matt and Ruth. Caleb Alan Gerber was born December 22. Pray for Caleb's healthy growth and for Matt and Ruth as they begin this new stage of their life with much less sleep.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

I know it is a few days late, but better late than never.

I returned last night from Indiana and am settling in again for another round of teaching and God's service. It was great to see many of you during the holidays, but it s good to be home again. As I try to return to the normalcy of everyday life, I ask that you continue to pray for Ixtlan and the many things happening here.

Pray for the church. Pray for its growth and unity. Pray that in each day of this year the believers here can grow in their relationship with God and with each other. Pray that the church family here would be a blazing light to the community here.

Pray for the school and the work that has been started there. Pray for the opportunities that we have to transform the lives of not only the kids, but also their families. Pray that the truth of the word sticks in their hearts and that each one can eventually come to understand the love of God completely.

Pray for me and the others here (Marshall and Jan, Matt and Ruth). Pray that we stay strong in the word and in prayer. Pray that we have the endurance to power on when things get difficult. Pray for our unity and relationships with each other. Pray for our willingness to follow the will and direction of God regarding the work that He is doing here in Ixtlan.

Thank you for all the support and the encouragement as the time goes by.