Monday, April 23, 2012

Tucker Dane

 I suppose this is news worthy of starting up the blog again.  Bev and I are super excited to have Tucker home with us.  It was a long day Saturday, but definitely worth it.  Tucker is a great little baby.  While I can't deny that he does cry a little, he has allowed us to get at least a little sleep (remember this is Regg talking so Bev might have a different interpretation of these facts).  He is a cute little guy and has really been pretty alert so far, which is a lot of fun.

I know that people are going to be asking about the details.  So, here are some, at least.  Things started early in the morning but proceeded slowly.  We went to the doctor here in town, Dr. Martín, who has been our doctor since January.  (We originally were seeing his wife, but she was elected mayor so her husband took over the office.) Anyway, after a quick checkup, he told us to go ahead and go to the hospital in Zamora.  So we took the 45 min drive and got to the hospital around 3:30.  Christy Stoller, currently studying in Guadalajara to be a doctor, was staying with us for the weekend and went along with us, so we had a little extra expert advice to guide us through checking in and all the fun stuff.  At about 6:25 we went into delivery and at 6:55 we were happy, grateful parents.  The hospital was a private hospital so it was a little nicer than what we would find in the other hospitals but nothing like what we have in the states.  It was still nice enough for us though.  We had our own private room with a bathroom and room for all of us to sleep.  The room and the hospital were pretty basic, but really, we had what we needed.  We had Tucker with us the whole time (no nursery) so we didn't get tons of sleep.  He was awake and wide-eyed for about two hours after birth.  He has plenty of dark hair and his eyes are currently pretty dark too (no surprises there).  He seems super tiny sometimes, but then he starts to move around and all of a sudden doesn't seem quite so small.

Anyway, we will try to keep, at the very least, some pictures coming.  And we can't wait to see a lot of you in a couple of months when we come up this summer!


Mom said...

I love those pictures and it is neat hearing about your experience. I am so thankful that all is well and We can't wait to meet tucker in person!!! But are SOOO thankful for skype!! Love you so much!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Love being able to see a picture of your little guy! Thankful that things went well. Tucker is blessed to have you as parents!

Anonymous said...

Good thing I was sitting down when I saw you actually posted something:-) Can't wait to see you all on Monday!!!!!!!!!
os amo,

Jodi said...

Oh man! Be glad you are miles away. I could eat that little guys he is so cute!