Monday, May 14, 2012

More Pictures

Tucker has been great.  He's staring at me now from his perch on the couch.  He is a great baby.  Okay, now he's crying.  You all know how it goes.  He's a baby....

We heard that some of you wanted to see the parents in the pictures too, so there you go.
Mom and Dad were able to make it down for a quick weekend and enjoyed the time with Tucker.  It went really fast, but we were glad that they could make it down and see their grandson. 
Anita is here too.  She is staying until June.  It has been and will continue to be great to have her here to help out around the house.  As well as keep us company for a while. (Oh, and I forgot, to guest blog, too.) 
 Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

Ha Anita, I beat you to add the first comment :) Tucker sure is a cutie, it must be those Schlatter genes! We say Tylen Sinn this weekend and realize that Tucker has got to be sooooo small, at least compared to what we are used to. We can't wait for our chance to hold him.
Love you lots,
The Benwares

Mom said...

IT is so much fun to be able to see the pictures of you all. Thanks for taking the time to do it. It was just GREAT being with you!!! love you so much!

mark and angie said...

Thanks for being so compliant, Regg! :) I love seeing all 3 of you together!
Great pics! So fun seeing familiar clothes on him. :)
Can't wait to hold him!
Love you all!
Ang (and the rest of the fam!)

Zeltwangers said...

Love seeing pictures! You ALL look great! :) Tucker is such a cutie! Can't wait to see him. Love you!