Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Note from Tucker

Hello to all my family and friends!  I haven’t met hardly any of you yet, but Mom tells me that I’ll get to see lots of you in July when we come for vacation.  But that’s almost double my lifetime away so I thought I’d share a little bit about my life here in Ixtlan.  In case you were wondering, I’m a pretty bright kid and Mom and Dad aren’t even helping me write this! 

So let’s see…where to begin?  I have it pretty good these days.  All I have to do is cry for a little bit and somebody comes to get me.  I like to be able to see what’s going on.


Sometimes I like to just lay on the bed and stretch. 

    But I really like being held too.  Sometimes I convince whoever is holding me to take a nap with me.  I consider it quality bonding time.  

Every day I get to go on a stroller ride up to the market to buy whatever Mom needs for lunch that day.  I usually fall asleep on the way and snooze until we get back home.  Mom puts up the shades on the stroller so I can’t see anything anyway.

Tomorrow I get to go on my first road trip to Guadalajara to take Aunt Anita to the airport.  Mom says she hopes I’m good in the van.  I don’t always like my car seat though so I’m not making any promises.  

 I’m going to miss Aunt Anita a lot.  Did you know that she’s been hanging out with me for all but one week of my life?  We’re good buddies. 

 I smile at her a lot but as soon as she gets her camera, I stop with the smilesJ  I’ll be excited to see her again in July.

Well, other than eating and sleeping, there’s not much new.  Dad weighs me unofficially every once in a while and he says I’m growing a lot.  I’ll leave you with some more pictures to enjoy.  I better get to bed because Mom says we have to get up really early to leave for the airport.  5 am might seem early to her, but I always get up around then (at least until I decide it’s time for a nap). 



Unknown said...

Your parents, daddy especially, are kinda lazy about blogging. I'm so glad that you took over. Just make sure they keep taking lots of pictures for you to post. We'll expect bi-weekly updates from here on out.
We love you and can't wait to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought I wouldn't be able to understand you, you know, with you growing up in Mexico I thought you'd be speaking Spanish and leaving all of us behind. So glad you're willing to speak our talk!! Can't wait to hold you in July. I bet you'll like me better than Anita! Maybe.

Aunt Missy

Mom said...

WHat a great post Tucker!!! I looks like you already got your Dad's talent to write. That's great!!!! Love you and can't till July

Anonymous said...

Congrats on little Tucker! He is adorable!!! Hope all is well!
Tera Hill